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Become a Globally Recognized Employer of Trust With the Official Certified Employer Accreditation

By obtaining the 'Official Certified Employer' designation, you demonstrate your commitment to fostering an exceptional employee experience. This certification not only sets your brand apart in a fiercely competitive recruitment landscape but also enhances your reputation as a preferred employer

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What is the Official Employer Certification?

Official Certified Employer Certification acknowledges companies that excel in providing an exceptional employee experience.

The certification process involves surveying your workforce and filling out a brief questionnaire about your company culture, all of this is done while keeping maximum efficiency in mind. The process is easy and we won't waste anyone's time!

Employees' inputs and our analysis shape the evaluation, this certification aids job seekers in pinpointing organizations that truly prioritize a positive workplace environment and elevate your reputation globally.

For employers, Official Certified Employer Certification offers a competitive edge in recruitment by furnishing a globally recognized and research-supported validation of an outstanding employee experience.

Benefits of Being Certified

  • Attaining Official Certified Employer Certification signifies your commitment to providing an exceptional employee experience and enhances your reputation as a preferred employer

  • Official Certified Employer Certification sets you apart from competitors and provides the advantage needed to attract top talent

  • Become Certified and attract a larger pool of high-caliber applicants while improving your offer acceptance rate

Boost your recruitment efforts!

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Enhance your employer brand!

  • Official Certified Employer Certification promotes a cohesive sense of belonging among team members and cultivates workplace pride

  • Reinforce your company's identity. Certification signifies a defined purpose and bolsters your organization's commitment to its mission, vision, and values.

  • Display your Certification badge with pride to be acknowledged as one of the most esteemed employer brands globally

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Why Chosing Us?

Fastest provider - from application to certification in less than 3 weeks!

Best value for money in the market! In addition we have a success or money back guarantee policy ensure full reimbursement in case necessary

Flexible! We are nimble and can accomodate any request just email us, we can work out everything together!

Our Plans

Chose Between Our Monthly or Annual Payment Plan

Best Value

Official Certified Employer (Monthly)



Every month

Subscribe and Become an Official Certified Employer

Valid until canceled

Best Value

Official Certified Employer (Annual)



Every year

Subscribe and Become an Official Certified Employer

Valid until canceled

Success or Money Back Guarantee!

  • Our goal is to elevate our clients all over the world, not making money off them - hence we are the only provider offering a success or money back guarantee

  • This means that after having subscribed to our plan, should the assessment determine that you are falling short on certain standards and therefore the accreditation cannot be issued (typically a rare occurance as we will give you tips and recommendations on how to improve your work environement) - we will issue a full refund! This is despite us having done all the work, we want to see you succeed

  • You have nothing to loose, try our services at exceptional value!

Our Money Back Guarantee Policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I have enrolled a plan?

  • Once you have subscribed to one of our plans we will get in touch to arrange a quick survey, this should take less than 5 minutes for your employees to complete, you will also have to complete a short questionnaire. We will then review the responses and provided that they meet our standards we will issue your unique certificate within 7 days maximum! You will see that it is a valuable trustmark so include it in your website and in your materials.

Is the Official Employer Certification right for my business?

  • As opposed to other providers the Official Employer Certification by CPD Official is tailored to any business, regardless of size, industry or remote work arrangements we will come up with the right survey and questionnaire and issue your certification promptly

Is the Official Employer Certification recognized?

  • The certification is global and recognized no matter where you are based

How easy and time consuming the whole process is? 

  • As easy as it can get, and it is designed to not waste anyone's precious time! You will find the process easy and smooth.

Contact us!

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